Biden Immigration Policy in First 100 Days ‘Disaster’, Ex-Border Protection Official Says

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – President Joe Biden’s lax immigration policy in his first 100 days in office has caused a disaster on the southern border and there appears to be no solid plan to deter the influx of migrants illegally crossing into the United States, former Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sector chief Victor Manjarrez told Sputnik.

Last month, CPB data revealed that US border apprehensions soared by more than 70 percent in March. The 172,331 migrant encounters recorded represents the highest monthly total in more than two decades, with the Biden administration on pace to top the previous annual record set in 2019 of over 977,000 apprehensions. The  US president and other administration officials have said the surge is seasonal.

“I would characterize the president’s performance on immigration as a disaster,” Manjarrez said. “The Biden administration does not have a plan that has been unveiled, they have simply torn down existing policies of the previous administration.”

Manjarrez, who served as a CBP sector chief in El Paso, Texas and Tucson, Arizona, said that Biden’s immigration policy has jeopardized asylum-seeking migrants who want to enter the United States. The current immigration crisis on the US southern border will get worse if Biden’s immigration policy remains unchanged, Manjarrez added.

Biden’s immigration policy has been a disservice to Border Patrol agents who are protecting the US border, citizens of our country, Manjarrez said.

Shortly after taking office in January, Biden eliminated many of former President Donald Trump’s immigration measures, including terminating the Migrant Protection Protocols program and halting construction of a wall along the 2,000-mile US border with Mexico. The Trump administration was able to construct 400 miles of the large steel wall structure despite lengthy court battles and opposition from Congress.

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